Dave Webb            Piano/Keyboards, Arrangements

David Welsh            Drums, Percussion

Reprising a gift to family and friends from 20 years ago, Christmas And Other Standards / V.2020 was arranged, recorded and mastered in 2020 during COVID: the piano was recorded solo at our home, the drums recorded separately at David’s home, with mixing, mastering and printing all handled remotely. Everyone stayed safe; everything was a little harder. It’s been said that songs of the season are a kind of folk music; may these bring you some holiday happy in this year none of us will ever forget.

If you’d like to share this with a tight circle of friends or family, I’m flattered. All I ask is that you don’t post anything from this site on social media. Thank you.

Big thanks to Jeff Simons, Watermelon Music (Mixing; Mastering) and Mary Bastian (drum recording/engineer)

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