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Other Clients of David Marketing

Lesher Center for the Performing Arts

Grand Theatre/Tracy, CA

Oregon Coast Music Association

Dave Brubeck Institute

Melody of China 

San Francisco Asian-American International Film Festival

Weiss Consulting Group

Rose Lester Consulting Group

Marin Museum of the American Indian

Central Coast Children’s Choir

City of Stockton Arts Commission

San Luis Obispo Vocal Arts Ensemble

Notre Dame de Namur University

Capitol City Ballet, Redlands Conservancy

Riverside Dickens Festival

Arts Council of Big Bear

Davis Waldorf School

Napa Opera House

River Oak Center for Children

Community Services Planning Council (Sacramento)

Blue Bear School of Music

Dance Palace

Mountain Play

Deborah Slater Dance Company and others.

What Clients Say

I hired Dave Webb to help spearhead the arts marketing efforts for UC Davis Presents and to help build the audience to prepare the campus for the successful launch of the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts campaign. Dave is a first-rate marketer who is highly skilled in strategy, creative, and execution. He developed comprehensive marketing campaigns that delivered results night after night, year after year. During Dave’s tenure as Marketing Director, the UC Davis Presents program experienced unprecedented success and audience growth. Dave’s contribution to the programming, marketing, branding, and overall communication efforts was outstanding. I enjoyed my work with Dave and appreciated his dedication, tireless enthusiasm, and sound counsel.

Steven Weiss, Former Director--University Cultural Programs
 Dave Webb programmed Mondavi Center’s Distinguished Speakers Series for 11 seasons, longer than anyone else in the department’s history. In bringing speakers with panache, intellect and celebrity— ranging from President William Clinton to Toni Morrison— Dave demonstrated both a keen grasp of the speaker’s circuit and of our audience, assembling a series that was consistently one of Mondavi Center’s best-sellers, and one that helped brand Mondavi Center not only as a place of the arts, but of ideas.

Brian McCurdy, Executive Director, 1996-2006 
Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, UC Davis
Dave’s his strategic and creative abilities were essential in the successful launch of our $50 million facility. His innovative marketing expertise unveiled Three Stages at Folsom Lake College and created an incredible life-long love affair between the arts and residents of our communities!

Dr. Thelma Scott-Skillman, Founding President - Folsom Lake College
We had a complex issue that needed to be communicated to a diverse range of people and we needed help. Dave was absolutely essential in bridging the communication gap between Co-op leaders and Co-op members, providing a level of professionalism and savvy that really was necessary to our success.

Seth McComber, Marketing Director, Davis Food Co-op
Dave Webb is an astute analyzer of arts marketing strengths and weaknesses. He is both detail oriented and visionary. He has helped our organization see how we’re spending our marketing resources and what changes we can make to have a greater impact and boost our ticket sales. From witty ad copy to big direct mail strategies, Dave has helped us hone our marketing messages and methods.

Lesley Currier, Managing Director, Marin Shakespeare Company
Dave Webb helped us to focus and streamline our marketing spend. Dave took us through a comprehensive analyses to develop a very specific direct mail campaign for one of our locations that was experiencing new competition. The campaign resulted in a 20 point sales increase for the store we targeted. We have continued to use this process with very similar results in the very competitive markets of Albuquerque and Santa Fe. I recommend Dave’s services for anyone seeking to improve the effectiveness of their marketing.

C.E. Pugh, 
Former General Manager, La Montañita Co-op
As a brand new company, we were overwhelmed by all of the marketing options available to us.  Dave helped us ask the right questions regarding who we were marketing to, and how we could best reach them using available resources.  The corporate identity and marketing plan he helped us develop has been a key part of our success and growth.  We can recommend him highly.

Jeff Simons, President, Watermelon Music
Dave Webb came to Riverside to present a seminar to over 25 of local arts groups. The experience was extraordinary. Real change was achieved with a number of the participating groups; it was rated as the most valuable of all the opportunities made available through our ABC Granting program. By meeting with the groups one-on-one and applying his considerable marketing expertise, Dave was able to move the groups up to the next level on their own terms. From art galleries, chorales, our African-American Historical Society, brass and wind ensembles, a glass museum, our reknown Dickens Festival, several fine arts networks here in the region, our Hmong Culture Center and many others, Dave tailored his advice to fit the mission and resources of each group; by being cognizant of each groups strengths and limitations, the advice offered was candid, practical and well targeted. We heartily encourage other communities to offer the Gradual Marketing process to arts groups in their area.

Patrick Brien, Riverside Arts Council