Riverside Arts Council

Inland arts

Seminars, trainings, one-on-one consultations to a broad range of arts practitioners lead the way for an “experience [that] was extraordinary.”

“Dave Webb came to Riverside to present a seminar entitled ‘Gradual Marketing’ to over 25 of local arts groups. The experience was extraordinary. Real change was achieved with a number of the participating groups; it was rated as the most valuable of all the opportunities made available through our ABC Granting program. By meeting with the groups one-on-one and applying his considerable marketing expertise, Dave was able to move the groups up to the next level on their own terms. From art galleries, chorales, our African-American Historical Society, brass and wind ensembles, a glass museum, our reknown Dickens Festival, several fine arts networks here in the region, our Hmong Culture Center and many others, Dave tailored his advice to fit the mission and resources of each group; by being cognizant of each groups strengths and limitations, the advice offered was candid, practical and well targeted. We heartily encourage other communities to offer the Gradual Marketing process to arts groups in their area.”

Patrick Brien, 
Executive Director, Riverside Arts Council

Ellen Estilai, 
former Executive Director, Riverside Arts Council

  • Extensive one-on-one consultations with artists
  • Both general and applied marketing advice was presented
  • Follow-up meetings with artists encouraged accountability