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DFC Mpho-Tutu SM

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[dropcap]D[/dropcap]irect mail, strong copy, community relations and bold design helped turn the Davis Food Co-op away from the threat of bankruptcy to a thriving $18 million a year business. Community-owned businesses offer their own unique challenges; as the instituion’s first marketing director, Dave’s marketing effort took DFC from $1.9 million to $6.9 million in sales over 4 years. The trend has been ever up.

We had a complex issue that needed to be communicated to a diverse range of people and we needed help. Dave was absolutely essential in bridging the communication gap between Co-op leaders and Co-op members. He provided a level of professionalism and savvy that really was necessary to the success of our proposition. He showed tremendous patience and insight as he worked some long hours with our board and staff to streamline our message and define our communication strategy. Dave took all of our inputs and the often-changing information, and somehow managed to produce a clear message. That’s what was so great about having Dave on board – where our scattered information was at first a weakness, he was able to put everything together to give the message strength. The next time we face a communication challenge, we won’t hesitate to call on Dave for assistance.   Seth Larsen  Marketing Director, Davis Food Co-op


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  • Took the company from possible bankruptcy to $6.9 million in sales in four years.
  • Award-winning branding effort via direct mail and print ads
  • An important force in stabilizing a beloved community institution.[/checklist][/one_half]