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Strong media relations, eye-catching design, exceptional guerrilla marketing, strong community partnerships — Dave was the first marketing director for this  university arts presenter and his performance speaks for itself: 450 events were marketing, 376,000 tickets and $7.5 million in tickets sold, achieving 101% of goal. Utilizing print ads and award-winning direct mail, UCDP won ___ awards for its marketing work.  The overall strength of the program gave the campus the confidence to undertake the construction of the $60 million Mondavi Center for the Arts.

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“I hired Dave Webb to help spearhead the arts marketing efforts for UC Davis Presents and to help build the audience to prepare the campus for the successful launch of the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts campaign. Dave is a first-rate marketer who is highly skilled in strategy, creative, and execution. He developed comprehensive marketing campaigns that delivered results night after night, year after year. During Dave’s tenure as Marketing Director, the UC Davis Presents program experienced unprecedented success and audience growth. Dave’s contribution to the programming, marketing, branding, and overall communication efforts was outstanding. I enjoyed my work with Dave and appreciated his dedication, tireless enthusiasm, and sound counsel.”

Steven Weiss      
Former Director–University Cultural Programs …[/two_third]

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  • Achieved 101% of goal over eight seasons
  • $7.5 million in tickets sold
  • Laid groundwork for the opening of $60 million Mondavi Center